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Weather in Newquay

The seasons

The climate in Newquay is much milder than the rest of the country. But being a coastal town can make the weather quite changeable. Be prepared to expect all four seasons at once and dress accordingly.

If you would like a forecast for the time of your holiday in Newquay view a 15 day forecast on or view live weather from the personal Newquay weather station situated in Porth..

You can also view our Newquay surf cams, check out current Newquay tide times and Newquay surf forecast for the latest surf reports and predictions.


March - May

Newquay comes alive in the spring. There are occasional spring showers in March and April and it is wise to bring a waterproof coat with you. This is probably the most unpredictable time of year and hardest to dress for. The best advice is to select a range of winter and summer items.

Average Temperature: 8C / 46F

newquay in spring


June - August

Newquay is glorious in the summer with its golden sandy beaches. Temperatures can skyrocket in summer but they can also remain temperate and pleasant. Pack for summer but make sure you bring a light jacket and a waterproof just in case it rains!

Average Temperature: 23C / 73F

newquay in summer


September - November

Autumn is a time of poetic beauty in Newquay. The weather can still have a mild summery feel but winter chill creeps into the air around the end of October as the leaves start to fall. Bring warm clothes and a good coat.

Average Temperature: 13C / 55F

newquay in autumn


December - February

Newquay is a magical place in winter as the sea merges with the sky and the sunlight filters into pastels in the cool air. It rarely freezes or snows in Newquay, but it is still advisable to dress warmly with hats, scarves, gloves and boots.

Average Temperature: 5C / 41F
newquay in winter
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