White Dragon School of Kung Fu

1st Newquay Scout Hall
Trenarth Road

White Dragon School of Martial Arts - Bac Loong Gar - Newquay
wing chun moves
wing chun moves
chinese kickboxing
chinese kickboxing
lau gar first sword
lau gar first sword


Martial arts school in Newquay, Cornwall teaching Lau Gar, Wing Chun, San Shou Chinese Kickboxing, Tai Chi and Chi Kung. The separate disciplines are traditional chinese and combine to form effective self defence techniques and improve general health and fitness.

Lau Gar is a long to medium range style, with punching and kicking techniques, sets or katas and weapons.

Wing Chun is a short range style using hands and elbows predominantly, kicks are usually low. It is highly effective but can be deadly in sparring if not controlled properly and may prove useful if 'backed into a corner'.

Chinese Kickboxing was developed by Chief instructor, Bob Denny 7th degree, It is a combination of American kickboxing, Lau Gar, Wing Chun and techniques used in Bob's earlier days of competition fighting which are not now generally taught. Techniques are combined at a quick pace, producing an excellent self defence and fitness system.

Chi Kung is the art of developing vital energy by movement and meditation with breathing exercises. Tai Chi is a soft or internal martial art, however sword and applications for use in sparring may be taught to those who wish it.

Beginners or newcomers are welcome to come along and watch if desired, as are the parents of participating children. Classes are operated from the Newquay Scout Hall on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Tai Chi is available on Sundays. Check their website for times and further information.

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