Newquay Zoo's Success with Endangered Pied Tamarins

Written by: Michelle Turton

Submitted: 22nd September 2008

Newquay Zoo has had brilliant success with breeding Pied Tamarins, one of the top 25 most endangered primate species.

Two babies on mums back

Two babies on mums back

Animal Collections Manager John Meek explains "We first held a breeding pair of this species back in February 2006. They obviously like the Cornish climate as they are notoriously difficult to breed in captivity but have been doing extremely well here in Newquay. We now have the adult pair plus four youngsters and the time has arrived for two females who are now around 2 years old to move on to another breeding group in Zoo Parc de Beauval in France. This will help to further the conservation efforts for this species. This really is a magnificent achievement and our keepers have done a brilliant job in creating the perfect environment for them to breed."