Dieting doesn't have to be Dull!

Written by: Press Release

Submitted: 16 January 2008

The Windswept Café on South Fistral Beach has come up with a plan to make January dieting a bit more fun. Their usual Pudding Night on the 10th of every month pays little attention to calorific content; with 4 deliciously tempting puddings to try with a vote at the end for your favourite.

Windswept Cafe, Newquay, Cornwall

windswept café

Pudding Night for Dieters

Owner Ruth Macpherson thinks there is room to make sure that dieters share some of the fun of this popular tradition at the café.

"After the excesses of the festive period, many people are conscious of their expanding waistline and take to dieting. People seem to regard dieting as drudgery and don't really give themselves an opportunity to enjoy themselves, which doesn't help the diet, which then often collapses with the temptation of a nice cake or a glass of wine.

I hope that our "Slimmer's Pudding Night" will go some way to change the common misconception that you can't eat out, or enjoy a pudding – or four! – while you're dieting, and we have the support of Penny Hicks from Slimming World in this who has been really helpful with recipes."

The evening will be the same format; a main course and 4 puddings. The accent will be on low calorie, low point, low Syn puddings and taste and flavour is still, of course, the biggest priority.

Ruth said "If the non dieters in your life don't want to come because they think they won't enjoy it, there will still be plenty of clotted cream on offer if they feel an extra incentive is necessary!"

The evening starts at 7.30pm on Thursday 24th January and dieters and non dieters alike are welcome. The evening costs £17, or a special price of £15 if you mention this website when you book. To book a table please call the café on 01637 850793.