Yellow Headed Tortoise Hatches at Newquay Zoo

Written by: Michelle Turton

Submitted: 18th October 2006

Staff at Newquay Zoo are over the moon at the birth of a baby Yellow Headed Tortoise, the first of its kind at the zoo.

'Intan' a baby tortoise at Newquay Zoo

baby tortoise at newquay zoo

'Intan' a Baby Tortoise at Newquay Zoo

John Meek Animal Collection Manager explains "The egg hatch in September and this little tortoise is doing extremely well. He is in our Native Wildlife Centre which is situated in our Village Farm exhibit so that visitors can catch a glimpse of him. He has been named 'Intan' and is gaining weight quickly and getting stronger by the day".

The plight of this species is not looking good as it is widely harvested and sold in Asian food markets. It is also the most common tortoise to be shipped to Chinese food markets from Vietnam.