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    Kings of Surf Conquer Cornwall Again

    Written by: Press Release

    Submitted: 18th June 2008

    Last weekend saw 25 Zapcat teams head to the Surf resort of Watergate Bay, Newquay for Rounds 3 & 4 of the Zapcat National Championship and the first two rounds of the coveted King of Surf competition. Amongst the 25 were current Kings of Surf and Zapcat National Champions from 2007 Pegasus Vortex Racing Mick Pritchard and Baz Minns.

    Left Mick Pritchard & right Baz Minns

    Left Mick Pritchard & right Baz Minns

    2007 saw team PVR clinch the Zapcat Kings of Surf title by securing a straight clean sweep of four gold medals in the 2007 rounds at Watergate Bay a title their eager to retain. To the seasoned racers the first glance of the beach at Watergate Bay was somewhat disappointing, the sets were messy and the legendary swell that Zapcat racing at Watergate Bay is renowned for had not put in an appearance. Whilst the seasoned racers hope for the swell to increase the steady 15 knot onshore wind would still give them challenging racing and with 8 rookie teams amongst the pack the racing would be anything but boring.

    Each team would complete in 5 arduous heats to battle it out for a place in each divisions 9 boat final. Team PVR read the waves well all day securing their place in the final in pole position. Joining them was rivals Commando Predator Bligh Julius and Simon Butters and PVR team mates Vortex racing's Craig Davis and Rob Martin. PVR and Commando Predator got off to a storming start with Vortex and Team BladeRun's Tristan Haigh and Mike Hammer hot on their heals. The lead changed several times and whilst Commando Predator and Vortex Racing battled it out towards the Back straight team PVR took a clean line through the surf to take the final lead change and speed through to take the Gold Medal position, with Vortex taking second and after a controversial stewards enquiry Commando Predator took third from Team Bladerun.

    Pegasus Vortex Racing

    Pegasus Vortex Racing

    Co-pilot Baz Minns commented "The one thing that gave us (PVR) an edge over the other teams was the new kit supplied to us by Skins - as one of this year's new sponsors, they have given us a full set of race and recovery clothing." He continued "this means that when the wind and tide were against us, we could still have an advantage as the Skins BioAcceleration Technology(tm)allows us to race harder and then assists our recovery period between heats meaning we're ready to race again faster than other teams, and at an event like Watergate this becomes more apparent as the weekend goes on and various crews started to pick up the odd knock and bruise."

    Sundays racing saw stronger winds and a more powerful swell producing a harsh shore dump which created problems for even the more vigorous teams to control their Zapcats on the start line. But Mick and Baz were confident that they could produce another winning result feeling rejuvenated from the Saturdays win after an evening in Skins recovery products the team were fighting fit and ready to take on the challenge ahead of them.

    Pegasus Vortex Racing

    Pegasus Vortex Racing

    Sundays practise gave a few Zapcat teams a taste of what was ahead of them for the day as they flipped or lost co-pilots in the surf. Sundays division 2 final was without incident that saw 3 restarts leaving just 3 teams to battle it out for the podium places. Seavation Vortex's Dan Smith and Nathan Parker took on the might of the team Royal Marines Zapcat Association Nick Clarke and Tim Johnson that went down to a photo finish that gave Nick and Tim the Win by a nose. Leaving Charlie Brickle and Adam Bushrod in team Nine Lives secure the final place with engine problems that had hampered them all day.

    Meanwhile in the Division 1 final the usual suspects where lining up to battle it out with each other along with the newly promoted rookie team of Blue Sheets/Boat Register James and Nial Hoddinott taking the second grid position in the line up. Team PVR got off to a flying start and team mates Vortex Racing and team Bladerun following in their wake, but usual front runners Commando Predator falling back the fleet with engine problems. Pilot Tristan Haigh of Bladerun seeing his chance of a first Gold podium this season tried to take team PVR on the inside straight but Mick and Baz held them off to secure their second win of the weekend and 4th consecutive win of the Championship this year. Team Bladerun Secured second and Craig Davis and Rob Martin of Team Vortex took the Bronze medal position.

    Pilot Mick Pritchard commented that "It's fantastic to have taken another two Gold medals at Watergate Bay, we love racing in the surf. I think I've cracked a rib today but you expect the occasional injury racing in these conditions" Team PVR were awarded the winners title for the Watergate Bay Grand Prix "The 200 championship points we received for this Grand Prix will really help us later in the season, there are some quick boats out there this year and team Bladerun and Vortex showed us that today, but I still had a bit in reserve and held my line to take the win"

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