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    Zapcat Racing Champions Head to Watergate Bay for the First Rounds of the Surf Competition

    Written by: Press Release

    Submitted: 10th June 2008

    This weekend (14th & 15th June) RYA Zapcat National Champions Team Pegasus Vortex will head to Watergate Bay for rounds 3 & 4 of this year's championship. Around 30 Teams will head to Britain's premier surf resort to battle it out for essential points in the national championship that will also make up the first two rounds of the King of Surf contest.

    Mick Pritchard and Baz Minns Stokes gold medals

    Mick Pritchard and Baz Minns Stokes
    Photo: Lee Whitehead

    The RYA 2007 National Champions Team PVR of Pilot Michael Pritchard and Co–Pilot Baz Minns will be attempting to hold on to their title of National Champions and Zapcat Kings of Surf.

    The Zapcat King of Surf competition will again host 4 rounds of the competition at ever popular resort Watergate Bay this year with the latter 2 rounds being held as the final rounds of the RYA National Zapcat championship on 19th & 20th September.

    Zapcat racing - Watergate Bay

    Zapcat racing - Watergate Bay
    Photo: Lee Whitehead

    To assist them with their campaign this year Team PVR have confirmed a new partnership with Skins. Skins(tm) BioAcceleration Technology(tm) has been developed over years of scientific research. Ongoing testing of elite athletes have proven that Skins(tm) BioAcceleration Technology(tm) creates marked improvements in reducing the build–up of lactic acid immediately after periods of sustained exercise, and allows for more rapid return to normal levels. The team hope that with Skins as a sponsor they will experience less fatigue, minimize soreness and recover faster. During a day's racing the team will put their bodies under immense pressure during their 5 heats of the day and with Zapcat racings constant action and back to back heats they are left with short recovery periods between races and this will be increased even more whilst they race in the almighty surf the Extreme academy is famous for.

    spectacular racing

    Zapcat racing
    Photo: Lee Whitehead

    Not only will Skins assist the Zapcat National Champions whilst racing but they will benefit the long hours the team spend in the boat whilst training and on corporate experiences. Co–pilot Baz Minns (Bournemouth) tells about why the team chose to get involved with Skins "I have been hearing some great things about skins, a few friends from rock climbing and a couple of people I know in the gym have said its top quality gear and has really improved their performance and recovery time. Whilst we're racing in extreme conditions and the adrenaline is pumping that's got to be a good thing. It will mean we can train longer, harder and faster so we will have the edge when race day finally comes round."

    Skins(tm) is body-moulded compression performance equipment manufactured from the finest Lycra and Meryl Microfibre, scientifically engineered to provide support and muscle alignment to the smart–fabric covered area of your body. Skins(tm) will definitely change the way that the team trains and competes as well as speed of their recovery. They will feel fresher after heavy bouts of exercise and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) will be minimized.

    Pilot Mick Pritchard (Southampton) reflects on the competitive world of Zapcat Racing and hopes that Skins can give the team the edge on some of their closest rivals "We race hard and the day is long there's no room for error or tiredness as the competition can be tough. If working with Skins can improve our individual performances in the boat by just 1% it will be worth it. That 1% at the top of the competition is the difference between winning and coming second."

    For more information please contact Pegasus Team Secretary Nikki Drummond on 07825 868930 or by email

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