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    Exciting Programme of Entertainment at the Royal Cornwall Show 2008

    Written by: Press Release

    Submitted: 4 June 2008

    The Royal Cornwall Show is the region's biggest annual event and one of the reasons why is the impressive programme of entertainment that is mounted in the main ring each year.

    Bolddog Lings Motocross Display Team

    Bolddog Lings Motocross Display Team

    It is difficult to imagine where else so many large-scale and diverse acts could gather together to create such a stunning mixture of thrills, heritage, music and fascination.

    This year, the line-up is as stunning as ever, with the Bolddog Lings Freestyle Motocross (FMX) display team taking pride of place.

    What they don't do with their machines just isn't worth knowing.

    FMX, they say, is the "most spectacular sport in the UK" and those who have seen them perform confirm it.

    They provide a non-stop show, full of tricks, stunts and daredevil actions that defy the senses.

    It is all based around "the largest most sophisticated landing ramp ever seen anywhere in the world."

    It allows the riders to jump gaps of over 75 feet and reach heights of over 35ft, whilst they perform their stunts.

    Many of these moves involve the rider leaving their seat, taking their hands off the handlebars and rotating their body around the bike!

    While the riders are flying through the air with what seems to be the greatest of ease, a live commentary tells the audience exactly what is going on.

    Riders also perform tricks on quad bikes, which demonstrate a completely different set of skills.

    Heavy horses

    Heavy horses from Cornish Horse Power

    Heavy horses from Cornish Horse Power

    It wasn't that long ago that horse power ruled.

    In the fields, in towns and villages – even in the military world.

    And in the main ring this year you can soak up the nostalgia by enjoying the spectacle mounted by Cornish Horse Power.

    These enthusiasts are well known throughout the county and draw a crowd wherever they appear with their wonderful heavy horses and beautifully restored agricultural machines.

    The demonstration they will mount in the main ring will be entitled Heavies on Hay.

    Along with a commentary, 20 horses will enter the ring pulling a range of 16 different implements.

    Not only will you see what life used to be like on the farm, but you will learn a lot about the machines and about the different breeds of magnificent horses which will be superbly turned out for the big occasion.

    US band – from Italy

    Band of the Sixth Fleet, US Navy

    Band of the Sixth Fleet, US Navy

    Based in Naples, the US Navy Band of the Sixth Fleet is making a two-day appearance (Friday and Saturday) at the Royal Cornwall Show. This will be their first visit and their unique style is sure to grab the crowd's attention.

    Normally the band provides musical support for official military and civilian ceremonies as well as taking part in shows and parades around Europe.

    Here we have a very professional and versatile collection of musicians who will add a real individual flavour to the Royal Cornwall Show. Don't miss this chance to see them.

    Band of HM Royal Marines

    Band of HM Royal Marines

    Band of HM Royal Marines

    Coming to the Royal Cornwall Show from their home base in Torpoint, Cornwall – the internationally acclaimed Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines.

    Although only at the show for one day – Saturday – they are sure to find a warm welcome and put on a memorable performance.

    Based at HMS Raleigh in Torpoint – the Royal Navy's premier training establishment – the band will demonstrate its versatility both in the main ring and on the Kelly's of Bodmin stage.

    Big band numbers, modern chart music and traditional military music are all part of the repertoire which will be enjoyed by thousands at the show.

    Falling Rocks paras

    RAF Falling Rocks parachute display team

    RAF Falling Rocks parachute team

    The Falling Rocks are made up of serving an ex-RAF members. One thing they have in common – a love of parachuting! They will be performing their marvellous aerial show on days one and two.

    This is what they do:

    High Show. Somewhere between 8000ft and 12000ft they leave the aircraft, link up in freefall to form a star formation. With smoke trail streaming, they reach speeds in excess of 120mph.

    Mid Show. Performed between 4000ft and 8000ft. On leaving the aircraft, they free–fall before opening the chutes.

    A number of the team will then link up their canopies. This highly skillful and technical manouevre is called Canopy Formation.

    Low Show. When weather dictates a drop from between 2000ft and 4000ft. There is normally time to create a canopy formation and fly flags before landing.

    Inter–hunt relay

    This is where you can see excellent horsemanship combined with a true competitive spirit. And even if you know nothing about horses you will be impressed with the speed and skill of these events that really get the crowd going.

    Hot Air Balloons

    What would the show be without the massed ascent of hot air balloons? Wherever you are on the showground once you hear the whoosh of the burners you can't resist the skywards gaze. Of course, the best place to watch the whole operation is ringside.

    RAF Police Dogs combined display team

    The police dogs from three RAF stations have got together specially for this year's show.

    Coming from three different RAF bases in the south of England, these dogs have an essential security role to play when they are at work.

    On this occasion though they will be showing off their skills and ability to work with their handlers just for the fun of it – your and theirs!

    Parades of Hounds

    They are part of the countryside and very much part of this show. They come from all corners of the county to strut their stuff in the main ring and they always get a warm welcome.

    The Royal Cornwall Show takes place at Wadebridge on the 5th, 6th and 7th of June. Full details at

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