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    Pied Tamarin Babies Named 'Bubble and Squeak'

    Written by: Michelle Turton

    Submitted: 28th February 2007

    Two very cute twin baby Pied Tamarins at Newquay Zoo have been named 'Bubble and Squeak' by listeners to the Emma Lloyd afternoon show on BBC Radio Cornwall.

    Bubble and Squeak hold on tight to mum

    Bubble and Squeak hold on to mum

    Baby Pied Tamarins are Great News

    John Meek Animal Collections Manager said "These babies are great news as Pied Tamarins can be difficult to breed. The adult pair only arrived last summer but very soon they had one baby, and now to have twins born in January is fantastic. They must like the Cornish climate."

    "The babies may not be that visible to visitors just yet but hopefully over the next few weeks mum may be take them for a tour of their island enclosure as they cuddle up on her back."

    The pied tamarin is being threatened by habitat loss in its native Brazil and is classed as critically endangered. Although not hunted for food, this species is a popular pet and urban growth and cattle ranching on the outskirts of Manaus, the state capital of Amazonas have all taken their toll.

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