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    British Junior Surfers Begin Winter Training in Preparation for the World Junior Surfing Games

    Written by: Karen Walton

    Submitted: 15th November 2006

    While it's coming to the end of the season for most British surfers - the British junior squad begin their pre-contest training that will take them to the World Junior Surfing Games (WJSG) in Portugal next May.

    Under 16 squad member Jack Butler, surfing at October training camp

    Surfing at October training camp

    Training Takes Place in Newquay

    Following the recent success of the British senior team in California who placed 9th overall, their junior counterparts are hoping to continue the rise of British surfers on the global stage. Whilst many of us are getting tucked up warm at home, the 'grommets' will be squeezing into wetsuits and gloves, surfing through the cold British winter to be on top form for next year!

    The International Surfing Association (ISA,) surfing's world governing authority holds the World Junior Surfing Games every year for ISA's member nations. Historically, the World Surfing Games grants its winners the title of "World Champion". The ISA World Junior Surfing Games is also one of the largest events in competitive surfing and it is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

    The training campaign began in October, in the school's half-term week when squad members from all over the country travelled to Newquay for a 4 day training camp. The surfers were training with the some of best and most experienced surf coaches in the U.K. and the focus was on key areas of athlete development; technique, fitness, tactics, psychology and nutrition.

    Richard Kenyon (left) and Matthew Barlow (centre) from The University of Plymouth performing the paddling test with Matt Burner

    Paddling test

    Surfers Undertake a Series of Tests

    The surfers also undertook a series of Fitness / Physiological tests carried out by a team from the University of Plymouth led by University Lecturer, Mr. Matthew Barlow. The tests featured the use of a purpose built machine to allow the surfers to perform a simulated paddling exercise, which is specific for surfers as a treadmill test is for runners. This was designed to test their VO2 maximum, and help design their future training program. Further tests measured other components of fitness, which are important for surfing performance; such as balance and power.

    "Physiologically speaking, the surfers performed very well and gave their full effort to all the tests. We can now use the results from these tests to inform optimal training regimes which will hopefully help to maximise the teams performance at the World Surfing Games," says Matthew Barlow.

    On the 2nd and 3rd of December the surfers will once again travel to Newquay's Fistral Beach for the next squad training session. For more photos email

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