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National Blood Service

Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road

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The National Blood Service is an integral part of the NHS, and we guarantee to deliver blood, blood components, blood products and tissues from our 15 blood centres to anywhere in England and North Wales.

Naturally, we also ensure that the blood we supply is properly screened and is safe for patients. Every year we collect, test, process, store and issue 2.1 million blood donations to 310 hospitals in England and North Wales.

We depend entirely on voluntary donations from the general public, and try to encourage our existing donors to give three times a year. We need to collect over 8,000 units of blood every single day to help save and improve the lives of sick and injures patients.

We are always looking for new donors as currently only five per cent of the eligible population gives blood! If you are aged between 17–60, weigh over 7st 12lb (50kg) and are in good health you might be able to give blood and we would love to hear from you.

Every time you give blood, your donation is broken down into three component parts: red cells, plasma and platelets and each part can help a different patient. Which means that for just an hour of your time you could be saving the lives of three patients!

For further information about blood donation or for details of local sessions call the NBS on 0845 7 711 711, log onto or check out tickity-boo's event diary.

Contact details

  • Landline: 0845 7 711 711
  • Mobile: n/a
  • Fax: n/a

Don't forget to mention when you contact us!

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