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Cornwall Rural Community Council

9A River Street
Truro, Cornwall

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Cornwall Rural Community Council (CRCC) is a Cornish charity dedicated to working with, and strengthening, Cornish communities; and to supporting vulnerable groups and individuals within them. CRCC run a wide variety of services and projects, mostly in partnership with other bodies, to achieve our vision and mission. We also use our experience to promote the interests of those we work with, and to seek improvements in policy and in practice, for government departments and for the voluntary sector.

CRCC provides the services and projects because there are gaps in statutory services; because people fall between the various strands of government support; because some people find it hard to get their voices heard; because volunteers in our communities should not be left without any support; and because there is a demand from people for us to provide them with the services the CRCC provides. CRCC carries out nearly all its work in partnership with other bodies in the voluntary, public and private sectors.

CRCC's main office is at 9A River Street, Truro. This office provides the services of; Village Hall Advice; Social Inclusion and Prohelp, as well as ICT Support. Other offices in Truro are at 6 and 10 Walsingham Place, which provide the resources of; Nightlink, Mental Health Forums and Carers Support Workers. CRCC has two other offices. One at 14 Chapel Street, Camborne, Which provides the services of Community Planning, Young Carers and Carers Support Workers. The other offices are at Claytawc in St Dennis which provides the YP2 Clay and Playwise Services.

Contact details

  • Landline: 01872 273952
  • Mobile: n/a
  • Fax: 01872 241511

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