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The FASD Trust

within Newquay Children's Centre
Trenance Road Newquay

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The FASD Trust was started in January 2007 in response to the growing number of requests for information on FASD being received by the adoptive parents of a child with FAS.

The FASD Trust is a support group for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), which is an umbrella term for several diagnosis that are all related to prenatal exposure to alcohol (ie while a baby is still in the womb).

FASD is a series of preventable birth defects caused entirely by a woman drinking alcohol at any time during her pregnancy, often even before she knows she's pregnant. Beer, wine, spirits – it's all the same to the developing baby.

These defects of the brain and the body exist only because of prenatal exposure to alcohol. Often the condition goes undiagnosed, or is misdiagnosed, for example as autism or ADHD, and this can lead to secondary disabilities.

Cornwall's support group was formed by Samantha Morris, The FASD Trust Co-ordinator for Cornwall & Devon, at Newquay Children's Centre in July 2008. The group offers support and advice in a relaxed and friendly environment. If you wish to attend the support group in Cornwall, please email Sam at

The FASD Trust exists as a charity to raise awareness of FASD thereby;

  • improving the understanding of those with FASD and;
  • increasing the support that those with FASD and their families / carers receive, not just from statutory bodies, but from the wider community.
  • preventing others being born with FASD.

Contact details

  • Helpline: 0560 268 9478
  • Telephone: 07861 672841
  • Fax: n/a

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