Charity Box Stolen from The Windswept Cafe

Written by: Ruth Macpherson

Submitted: 21st April 2008

The Windswept Cafe on South Fistral Beach, Newquay is aiming to raise £2500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care by the end of June and has a few events at the cafe lined up over the coming months. However, last week their fundraising efforts were threatened when a young girl stole the charity box.

Ruth and Dan Macpherson are appealing for fundraising help to cross the Channel

Ruth and Dan Macpherson are
appealing for fundraising help
to cross the Channel

Owner Ruth Macpherson said "On Thursday afternoon at 5.30pm, a young couple walked into the cafe, the man distracted my member of staff by talking to her, while his girlfriend simply took the box off the counter and walked out of the door.

We are absolutely staggered and extremely upset about this, as our fantastic customers have really got behind us and have been filling the box with great enthusiasm, and now that head start on our fundraising has gone. I should think we lost around £150"

The cafe has excellent CCTV of the pair, but is concerned as the couple had been camping in the sand dunes, thinks that they are obviously not local.

"It was actually the police who took their tent from the dunes, and they came into the cafe to ask where they could go to get their tent back. Having committed a crime, they were hardly likely to go to the police station to get it back..." Ruth commented.

If anyone saw this pair with the charity box, or perhaps had anyone in their shop or bar with lots of loose change, the cafe would be most grateful if they could contact either the cafe on 01637 850793 or the police with the information.

The cafe will be holding another coffee morning on Friday 9th May to attempt to recoup some of the lost funds.