Newquay Beatles – The Mystery Tour Revival

Written by: Keith Gray

Submitted: 30th March 2007

The Newquay Beatles started as an idea back in 2001 to highlight the link between arguably the world's most successful music band, The Beatles, and the bustling, scenic Cornish town of Newquay.

Paul McCartney gives an autograph

Paul McCartney signing an autograph

The Beatles in Newquay

It was on a chilly autumn evening in September 1967 when the fab four pulled quietly and unannounced into the heart of Newquay, arriving at the then 3 star Atlantic Hotel. Obviously the word spread very quickly and within the next three days of their stay there were crowds of excited fans and curious onlookers swarming over the grounds of the Atlantic Hotel and following the group around in their highly decorative bus. Location scenes were filmed in and around Newquay, and then in West Malling in Kent, and the completed film was first shown on TV, BBC 2 on Boxing Day 1967.

Newquay Beatles logo

Newquay Beatles logo

Mystery Tour Revival Project

At the outset of my commemorative project I put out signs inviting people who may have been in Newquay at the time to come forward with their stories and memories. I also recieved coverage from local newspapers, radio and TV. The response was very good, incredible actually, considering the amount of years that had passed, and the fact these memories were very clear and so full of detail.

So the Mystery Tour revival project was born out of that, and has gone from strength to strength. In 2002, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the filming of Magical Mystery Tour, I managed (with a little help from my friends of course.. !!) to interest the Newquay Tourism Association in a commemorative plaque in the town, which they provided and is still there to be seen by all at the top of the killacourt in the centre of Newquay.

Coming up this year, the 40th anniversary, plans are underway for a big party. Full details will be released in the spring, so watch this space! In the meantime please visit the website, which is full of information, details and photographs, both from the 35th anniversary show and original pics from 1967 as well. There is an invitation for anyone who may have a story from September 1967 and especially photographs taken at the time of The Beatles' visit to contact me. Please visit the website on or contact Keith Gray on 01637 850110.