Bob the Bankbuster - Campaigning Against Bank Penalty Charges

Edited by: Keith Riley

Submitted: 1st January 2007

Have you been charged large penalty charges on your current account or on your credit card account? These charges are legally unenforceable. You can get them all back from your bank (up to 6 years' worth of charges), even if you have already closed the account.

Bank Penalty Charges

Get back up to 6 years' worth of bank charges.

Every year, millions of bank customers are charged considerable sums of money by their banks in the form of penalty charges - on credit card accounts for late payment or for exceeding their credit limit; on current accounts for unauthorised overdrafts, exceeding overdraft limits, returned direct debits and returned cheques. Typical charges are in the range of £15–35 per incident. The effect of these charges is frequently to push people into a downward spiral of increasing debt.

Now a local campaigner against these charges, Bob Egerton of Truro, is able to offer a complete service to help you get them back. You can either use the resources on his website free of charge, or Bob will carry out the whole process for you (on a no win, no fee basis). Just click on the link to the website for full details.